Bird Flu Alarm

Bird Flu News Dec. 2004 - May 2006

2006-05-01-Bird-flu shock gives way to false sense of security
2006-05-01-China bird flu case fuels fears
2006-05-01-Few US companies are prepared for bird flu outbreak
2006-05-01-Wild Goose in China Tests Positive for Bird Flu
2006-05-02-Bird flu hurting US chicken firms
2006-05-02-Mild bird flu strain found in state
2006-05-03-Bird flu plan lacks a key detail
2006-05-03-Bush Pandemic Plan Puts State, Local Health Officials in Charge
2006-05-03-Flu pandemic could be worse than terrorist attack
2006-05-03-Pandemic Possible From at Least Four Bird Flu Strains
2006-05-03-US flu report predicts chaos
2006-05-04-Bird flu emergency teaching plan gets skeptical reception
2006-05-05-$1 Billion Awarded For Flu Vaccine
2006-05-05-Fifth bird flu fatality in Egypt
2006-05-05-Grid searches for avian flu cure
2006-05-11-Experts Argue Over Allocation of Bird Flu Vaccine
2006-05-19-Signs of Human Transmission Sought in Indonesian Deaths
2006-05-22-Combo Vaccines Developed Against Bird Flu
2006-05-23-Most cities, states not ready for flu pandemic
2006-05-24-Alarm at human bird flu cluster
2006-05-24-Mother of All Avian Flu Clusters in Indonesia
2006-05-24-No mutation, but questions over transmission worries WHO
2006-05-25-Bird Flu Seems to Have Taken Deadly New Step in Indonesia
2006-05-25-WHO to Study Bird Flu Deaths in Family
2006-04-01-Bird-flu vaccine is no cure-all
2006-04-05-Bird flu found in German poultry
2006-04-05-Cats could fuel bird flu pandemic
2006-04-05-Swan find halts bird flu test-run
2006-04-06-Bird flu kills boy and infects baby
2006-04-06-Britain braced for threat from virus
2006-04-07-Avian flu-wild birds, pets and poultry now at risk
2006-04-07-EU Extends Bird Ban as Germans Cull Poultry
2006-04-07-First British case of deadly bird flu strain confirmed
2006-04-07-Three million poultry fall within Britain's first bird flu zone
2006-04-09-British ducks and geese could be bird flu carriers
2006-04-10-Farmers fear free-range panic in the crucial run-up to Easter
2006-04-12-Bird flu tests in Britain flawed
2006-04-13-Canada Says Bird-Flu Pandemic Would Cut GDP Less Than Expected
2006-04-13-County braces for avian flu
2006-04-13-Tourism industry ponders bird flu
2006-04-14-Bird flu deaths increase
2006-04-16-Afghan Women With Pluck Tackle Bird Flu
2006-04-16-US Plan For Flu Pandemic Revealed
2006-04-18-Deadly bird flu spreads to Sudan
2006-04-19-EU must co-operate on bird flu
2006-04-24-Human Bird Flu Cases Top 200 After Egypt Confirms 12 Infections
2006-04-26-Pandemic flu planning too slow
2006-04-29-Eye infection diagnosed in bird flu farm worker
2006-03-01-Bird Flu Jumps to Cat in Germany
2006-03-02-Bahamas Bird Flu Testing Prompts US to Triple Drug Stockpile
2006-03-02-Bird flu health advice issued to travellers
2006-03-02-Fifa says bird flu spread may damage World Cup
2006-03-02-French cat lovers panic after bird flu death
2006-03-02-Scientists urge global lab network to detect bird flu
2006-03-03-In Italy-fear of bird flu shows at checkout
2006-03-03-Wash your hands to avoid French bird flu
2006-03-06-Austria detects bird flu in cats
2006-03-07-Bird Flu Spreads in Nigeria, Reaches Oil-Producing Delta Region
2006-03-07-US developing new bird flu vaccine
2006-03-07-With avian flu spreading, US to expand its testing
2006-03-08-Bird Flu to Hit US
2006-03-08-China reports 10th bird flu death
2006-03-08-Stringent bird flu measures enforced
2006-03-08-Turkey bird flu region still wary
2006-03-09-Vet's Work in Cambodia May Hold Clues to Spread of Avian Flu
2006-03-10-Africa must fight bird flu itself
2006-03-10-Airports not ready for large-scale bird flu quarantine
2006-03-10-Bird flu kills Indonesia children
2006-03-10-Quebec gears for the worst
2006-03-10-Russia launches bird vaccinations
2006-03-13-Avian Flu Found in Birds in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Cameroon
2006-03-13-IMF wants more bird flu readiness
2006-03-14-Scientists in NE quietly test travelers for bird flu
2006-03-15-Bird flu causes first dog death
2006-03-15-Dh100 million allocated for bird flu
2006-03-15-India bird flu cases positive
2006-03-16-Bird Flu Puts An Element Of Peril Into Buddhist Rite
2006-03-16-Government confirms bird flu spread
2006-03-17-Israel confirms bird flu outbreak
2006-03-18-Egyptian woman dies of bird flu
2006-03-20-Afghans fear bird flu spreading
2006-03-20-Bird flu suspected at Moshav Kinneret
2006-03-21-5 deaths in Azerbaijan push global bird flu toll to 103
2006-03-21-Bird flu mutation adds to threat of human pandemic
2006-03-21-Bird flu toll rises past 100-mark
2006-03-21-Malaysia reports more bird flu
2006-03-21-Officials discuss pandemic flu scenarios
2006-03-21-Pakistan confirms bird flu cases
2006-03-21-Researchers identify 2nd strain of bird flu
2006-03-21-US to Increase Testing Of Wild Birds for Avian Flu
2006-03-22-Bird flu predicted to cross state
2006-03-22-Carolinas warned to prepare for bird flu
2006-03-22-Clue to slow human bird flu jump
2006-03-22-Poor nations need help fighting bird flu
2006-03-23-Germany Ploughs Millions Into Bird Flu Research
2006-03-23-Researchers Shed More Light on Bird Flu
2006-03-24-China reports 11th bird flu death
2006-03-24-New Zealand ready to vaccinate treasured kiwi against bird flu
2006-03-24-World Bank to pay PA bird farmers $2m.
2006-03-29-EU Approves More Aid to Farmers Hit by Bird Flu

2006-02-11-Bird flu hits new areas in Europe
2006-02-15-Return of migrating birds could spread avian flu in Europe
2006-02-16-Swan Deaths Spread Fear Of Bird Flu In Europe
2006-02-18-India finds deadly bird flu virus
2006-02-20-Biotechs pump big money into flu research
2006-02-20-Britain on high alert over bird flu
2006-02-21-Bird flu devastates poultry in western India
2006-02-22-Calls for World Cup Cancellation Increase Bird Flu Hysteria
2006-02-24-EU to Launch Awareness Campaign on Bird Flu
2006-02-24-UK to buy bird flu vaccine stock
2006-02-26-Avian flu may force McNuggets off menu
2006-02-27-Bird flu outbreak threatens health of French poultry industry
2006-02-27-Bird flu spreads amid pandemic fears
2006-02-27-Bird flu watchers keep eye on Alaska
2006-02-27-French farmer tells of shock at bird flu deaths
2006-02-27-More cases of bird flu reported in Europe
2006-02-27-Niger Finds Bird Flu as Spread of Virus Accelerates
2006-02-28-Bird flu detected in Romania
2006-02-28-Top scientist fears 'endemic' bird flu

2006-02-10-Azerbaijan reports bird flu outbreak in wild birds
2006-02-10-Bird Flu Positive Cities Rises To 37
2006-02-10-Bird Flu Spreads To Another Country
2006-02-10-Bird flu team to go door-to-door
2006-02-10-Chaos in Iraq plagues effort to stop bird flu
2006-02-10-China says human bird flu cases a mystery
2006-02-10-Ducks the focus of bird flu research
2006-02-10-Executive toughens plans to counter bird flu
2006-02-10-Lee braces for bird flu
2006-02-10-Romania detects new cases of bird flu
2006-02-10-Swan samples in northern Greece test positive for H5 strain
2006-02-10-Swiss on alert over African bird flu case
2006-02-10-Tanzania announces bird flu preparedness
2006-02-10-Another 60, 000 Fowls Die
2006-02-09-80 percent of vaccinated fowls in Vietnam have bird flu immunity
2006-02-09-Africa health systems ill prepared for bird flu
2006-02-09-At Last, the Bird Flu
2006-02-09-Bird flu experts arrive in Nigeria after outbreak
2006-02-09-China investigates 11th human case of bird flu
2006-02-09-China places 35 people under observation amid bird flu outbreak
2006-02-09-Control of Bird Flu Difficult in Iraq
2006-02-09-Global impact of bird flu
2006-02-09-Indonesian woman dies of bird flu
2006-02-09-INTERVIEW-EU states must not underestimate bird flu risk
2006-02-09-Migrating Birds Could Bring Bird Flu To Western Europe From Africa
2006-02-09-New Outbreak of Bird Flu Spreading
2006-02-09-New suspected bird flu case in Hong Kong
2006-02-09-WHO probes bird flu spread as new Iraqi suspects detected
2006-02-08-CHRONOLOGY-Bird flu developments
2006-02-07-Australian Co. to Enter Flu Vaccine Market
2006-02-07-Experts warn bird flu more diverse
2006-02-03-Creating Bird Flu Vaccine Using GM A Real Possibility
2006-02-02-Bird flu vaccine works in mice
2006-02-02-Cold virus link for bird flu vaccine
2006-02-02-Copper could help stop bird flu
2006-02-02-Farmers hear about avian flu plan
2006-02-02-GM aid for pandemic flu vaccine
2006-02-02-States and Cities Lag in Bird Flu Readiness
2006-02-03-Bird Flu Would Overwhelm U.S.
2006-01-31-Girl And Uncle Dies Of Bird Flu In Iraq
2006-01-31-Twelve More Suspected Bird Flu Cases In Iraq
2006-02-01-Iraqi Doctors Desperately Short Of Bird Flu Medications
2006-02-01-New bird flu scare in north Iraq
2006-02-01-U.S. Scientists Create Bird Flu Vaccine That Thwarts Deadly Strain
2006-01-29-Deadly bird flu found in Cyprus
2006-01-27-Bird flu breakthrough
2006-01-27-Bird flu could be 21st-century Black Death
2006-01-27-Bird Flu Poses Threat To International Security
2006-01-27-Bird Flu Virus Has Unique Gene Not Found In Human Flu Virus
2006-01-27-Preparations underway in New York state for bird flu pandemic
2006-01-27-Quarantine lifted in all areas hit by avian flu
2006-01-26-First Large-scale Bird Flu Genome Study
2006-01-26-Man Dies Of Bird Flu In Indonesia
2006-01-25-Woman dies of bird flu in China
2006-01-24-Pandemic fears premature
2006-01-24-Wild bird flu blame too hasty
2006-01-23-Indonesia Confirms 2 More Fatal Human Bird Flu Cases
2006-01-23-Perhaps Bird Flu Not So Deadly For Humans With Proper Treatment
2006-01-21-Child bird flu deaths confirmed
2006-01-20-Bird Flu Infections In Humans Prompt New Investigation At Saint Louis University
2006-01-20-Bird flu secrecy angers Turkey
2006-01-20-More dangerous strain of bird flu
2006-01-19-Antiviral Drugs Weak Defense Against Bird Flu Pandemic, Study Finds
2006-01-19-Bird flu preys on poverty in ill-fated town
2006-01-19-Cash flows as experts warn of bird flu's cost
2006-01-19-Flu drugs will not work if pandemic strikes
2006-01-18-$1.9bn pledged for bird flu fight
2006-01-17-China calls for global co-op on fighting bird flu
2006-01-17-Germany Prepares for Potential Bird Flu Outbreak
2006-01-16-European Commission Pledges Euro 80 Million To Fight Bird Flu In Third Countries
2006-01-16-Fourth bird flu death in Turkey
2006-01-16-Indonesian girl dies of bird flu
2006-01-14-Bird Flu Outbreak In Turkey Started In Mid-November, Not Mid-December
2006-01-13-Bird flu confab faces global pandemic fear
2006-01-13-East Jakarta woman dies of bird flu
2006-01-13-Education vital to halt bird flu-UNICEF
2006-01-13-More drugs, quicker funds promised at bird flu talks
2006-01-13-Turkey Braces for Long Battle On Bird Flu
2006-01-13-Turkey's Bird Flu Virus May Be More Infectious Strain
2006-01-13-Turkey's response to bird flu rapped
2006-01-12-$1.5B Needed to Fight Bird Flu
2006-01-12-Bird flu hits poultry in at least 11 Turkish provinces
2006-01-12-Bird Flu Patient In China Improving
2006-01-12-Britain's bird flu preparations
2006-01-12-Destruction Teams Tackling Bird Flu
2006-01-12-France may extend poultry confinement over bird flu
2006-01-12-Gene tests show bird flu virus is evolving
2006-01-12-Genetic Change in Bird Flu Sample Detected
2006-01-12-Hard truths about avian flu
2006-01-12-Indications bird flu virus mutating
2006-01-12-Indonesian woman confirmed to have died of bird flu
2006-01-12-Key Dates in Turkey's Bird Flu Outbreak
2006-01-12-More Turks have bird flu, UN warns on pandemic risk
2006-01-12-Poverty leaves Africa at mercy of bird flu
2006-01-12-Sofia warns against travelling to regions affected by bird flu
2006-01-12-Turkey Criticized Over Bird-Flu Response
2006-01-12-UN highlights bird flu pandemic threat
2006-01-12-WHO confirms 18 human bird flu cases in Turkey
2006-01-12-WHO confirms Turkish human bird flu toll
2006-01-12-WHO warns on bird flu pandemic risk
2006-01-12-World Bank approves first bird flu funding
2006-01-11-Bird Flu Harbingers
2006-01-11-Bird Flu Mutation Of Concern, Experts Say
2006-01-11-Bird flu: Country preparations
2006-01-11-Europe ratchets up measures to prevent spread of bird flu
2006-01-11-Russian Says Blast Birds to Stem Flu
2006-01-10-Bird flu symptoms often mild
2006-01-10-Germany boosts customs checks due Turkish bird flu
2006-01-10-Girl Kisses Chickens, Gets Bird Flu
2006-01-10-HSBC plans for bird flu staff crisis
2006-01-10-Tests show 77 people have bird flu antibodies in Japan
2006-01-09-Study suggests bird flu in humans rampant, less severe
2006-01-09-Vietnam says bird flu contained
2006-01-08-Bird flu prevention knowledge printed on poker cards
2006-01-08-Past bird flu infections of people feared
2006-01-08-World facing grave situation
2006-01-03-California institute reports on progress towards flu vaccine
2006-01-01-Hospitals prepare for avian flu outbreak
2005-12-03-Ukraine's president declares bird flu emergency
2005-12-05-Bird flu: it's on its way
2005-12-06-Practicing good hygiene can reduce risk of flu infection
2005-12-09-Bird flu could cost U.S. $625 billion
2005-12-09-WRAPUP 4-Death toll from bird flu hits 70 as Thai boy dies
2005-12-14-Europe only ready by 2007
2005-12-17-NIH Uses Live Viruses for Bird Flu Vaccine
2005-12-19-No Deadly Bird Flu in Korea Yet
2005-12-19-U.S. Congress seeks $3.8 billion for avian flu
2005-12-21-China starts human trials of bird flu vaccine
2005-12-28-Bird flu not taking wing on migratory pathways
2005-12-28-Two southern Russian communities still battling bird flu
2005-12-29-Romania confirms deadly bird flu in six villages
2005-12-30-After year of nasty surprises, world braces for more bird flu in 2006
2005-12-31-Kimchi Sales Rise on Link to Possible Bird Flu Cure
2005-11-02-Bird flu detected at Osaka duck farm
2005-11-10-Kuwait Announces Bird Flu in Fowl
2005-11-10-Preparing for the worst
2005-11-16-China Begins Massive Bird Flu Vaccination Campaign
2005-11-21-WHO Calls for Global Surveillance System to Combat Bird Flu
2005-11-23-Airport shoe-cleaning targets bird flu
2005-11-23-China Confirms 2nd Bird Flu Death
2005-11-25-Bird Flu Spreads to Far Western China
2005-11-26-35 wild birds with H5 avian flu virus found in eastern Canada
2005-11-26-China Reports New Bird Flu Outbreak
2005-11-26-Taiwan Plans on Tamiflu to Treat Bird Flu
2005-11-28-Bird flu fears cost French industry 100 mln euros
2005-11-30-Korean Firm Finds Easier Way to Make Generic Flu Drug
2005-11-30-£40m bird flu research announced
2005-10-06-No One Ready For Bird Flu
2005-10-06-Scientists Link Bird Flu to 1918 Killer Epidemic
2005-10-11-Kimchi Culture Could Cure Bird Flu
2005-10-13-Time To Worry?
2005-10-19-EU Assesses Western Bird Flu Fears
2005-10-20-Latin America Takes Bird Flu Measures
2005-10-20-Panic over bird flu isn't wholly misplaced
2005-10-20-Thailand Confirms New Bird Flu Death; New Suspected Cases in Indonesia
2005-10-20-UN Agency Warns Africa, Middle East Vulnerable to Deadly Bird Flu
2005-10-24-Health Ministers Meet in Ottawa to Chart Global Bird Flu Response
2005-10-24-UK Confirms Deadly Bird Flu Case
2005-10-24-Unprepared for Bird Flu
2005-10-25-Bird Flu's Human Toll Increases
2005-10-25-Pressure Mounts on Swiss Drug Maker to License Tamiflu Production
2005-09-21-U.S. Bird Flu Scenario Eyed
2005-09-24-World Waking Up to Bird Flu Threat
2005-08-07-Bird Flu Vaccine Shows Promise
2005-08-08-New U.S. Bird Flu Vaccine Shows Promise
2005-07-05-Health Experts at Bird Flu Summit Call for Urgent Measures
2005-07-07-Bird flu
2005-07-16-Indonesia Reports First Human Case of Bird Flu
2005-03-25-Asia's Bird Flu Death Toll Rises
2005-03-30-New Bird Flu Cases Add to Pandemic Fears
2005-02-01-Possible Human Transmission of Bird Flu Raises New Concerns
2005-02-10-More warnings of bird flu
2005-02-26-Bird Flu Conference Urges $100 Million for Research
2004-01-27-10 Countries Now Confirm Bird Flu
2004-02-07-Bird Flu Infects Delaware Chickens
2004-02-23-Bird Flu Found In Texas
2004-07-06-New Outbreak Of Bird Flu In China
2004-08-12-Bird Flu Strikes Vietnam Again
2004-10-19-Bird Flu Strikes Thai Zoo Tigers
2004-12-23-Human Bird Flu Case Found in Japan
2004-12-24-Vietnam Culls 11, 000 Birds in Flu Outbreak