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2006-01-12-Key Dates in Turkey's Bird Flu Outbreak

Understanding Avian Influenza

2006-01-12-Key Dates in Turkey's Bird Flu Outbreak

Turkish Health Ministry confirms third sibling from Dogubayazit died of H5N1 strain of bird flu. Reports two other cases, raising number of people infected in Turkey to 18.

? Jan 11: Agriculture Ministry says bird flu outbreaks confirmed in poultry in 11 of Turkey's 81 provinces and suspected in more than a dozen.

? Jan 10: Authorities say a woman from central Turkish province of Sivas tested positive for H5N1. Authorities order 300,000 fowl culled.

? Jan 9: Turkey declares five more humans infected with H5N1, in eastern town of Van, in Kastamonu and Samsun, on the Black Sea coast and in Corum, central Turkey. Cases also reported from easternmost Iranian border to Istanbul, on the edge of Europe as people rush to get tested.

? Jan 8: Preliminary tests for H5N1 return positive in three people in Ankara, indicating the virus is spreading in Turkey.

? Jan 7: World Health Organization confirms a brother and sister from Dogubayazit died of deadly H5N1 strain, the first human fatalities from the disease outside East Asia.

? Jan 6: Third sibling, 11-year-old girl, also dies, but her case is not confirmed as bird flu until later. Turkish authorities say two other patients have H5N1 strain.

? Dec 31, 2005: The four siblings from the southeastern town of Dogubayazit near the Iranian border are hospitalized with suspected bird flu.

? Dec 26: Authorities announce dead chickens in town of Aralik near border with Armenia have tested positive for bird flu.

? Dec 15: Possible outbreak of bird flu in chickens in town of Aralik is first reported to Health Ministry. Authorities order fowl culled.

? Oct. 28: Previous outbreak is declared successfully contained and quarantine is lifted.

? Oct. 6: Turkish authorities report deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry in northwestern town of Kiziksa, near Istanbul, impose quarantine, order tens of thousands of fowl culled.

Understanding Avian Influenza