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What is known about 5th epidemic of H7N9 virus in China?

From October 2016 to February 14, 2017, China reported 424 human infections with H7N9 virus to the World Health Organization. The most recent cases are described in a WHO report dated February 20, 2017. Since December 2016, there has been a large increase in H7N9 virus infections identified in people in China. This recent increase in cases during the 5th epidemic is consistent with the annual winter increase in H7N9 cases that has been observed in China since 2013.

On February 10, 2017, the World Health Organization posted a new scientific assessment regarding H7N9 viruses in China. Surveillance and epidemiological investigations in China have not detected any significant changes in the demographics of human H7N9 cases, the proportion of cases exposed to poultry, the number and size of clusters of H7N9 cases, or the case-fatality proportion when compared to prior H7N9 epidemics. There is currently no evidence of sustained person-to-person spread of H7N9 virus in China or anywhere else. The World Health Organization provides updates on the reported number of human cases of H7N9 virus infection on its website