Bird Flu Alarm

Is there a vaccine to protect against H7N9 virus?

There currently is no publicly available vaccine to protect against H7N9 virus infection. CDC has worked closely with the World Health Organization and public health partners to develop three vaccine candidate viruses (CVVs) that could be used to make a vaccine against H7N9 virus, in the event of an influenza pandemic.

These CVVs were developed to be similar to the H7N9 viruses that circulated in China during the 4th epidemic and are continually compared to new H7N9 viruses in China as they are discovered and reported. As part of pandemic preparedness activities, the U.S.

Government purchased and stockpiled limited quantities of H7N9 vaccine produced from these CVVs to be used in case of an emergency. CDC and our partners continue to analyze representatives of the H7N9 viruses circulating during the 5th epidemic in China for changes that indicate a new CVV should be created.