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Bird Flu Mask

Bird Flu Mask

Features 2H Technology Plus™, a patented filter that consistently achieves high levels of performance by utilizing nanotechnology enhanced filter media to remove virus and bacteria from inhaled and exhaled breath. This Bird Flu mask is the first face mask in the world to utilize nanotechnology enhanced filter media to effectively isolate and destroy viral and bacterial contaminants. Nanoparticles enhance the intrinsic filtration efficiency of the media by acting as a destructive absorbent to kill virus and bacteria that come in contact with the filtration system.

The comfortable two-piece face mask is completely adjustable and reusable. Only the replaceable filter insert is disposable. The mask utilizes adjustable head straps to provide a personalized, secure fit and effective seal against the face.

The unique design and enhanced facial seal allows the NanoMask to overcome the most critical failing of typical N-95 masks. An inability to effectively seal against the face and filter inhaled and exhaled breath that will typically follow the path of least resistance; around the sides of the mask.

The low profile design doesn't interfere with eyewear. The lower fit on the nose and wide flange assures an outstanding fit. A replaceable nano-particle enhanced filter quickly and easily inserts into the reusable body of the two piece mask. Each filter is individually packaged. Compact and lightweight the Nanomask is extremely portable. Available in multiple colors the mask is easily customized.